The Livinhome Company – a unique collaboration
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Delivering flexible homes for the future

The Company

The Livinhome Company

The Livinhome company is a collaborative entity formed between Guildhouse UK, Rosepride & Geraghty Taylor. Each contributing their specialist knowledge and experience in the delivery of this unique and highly innovative housing solution.

The Livinhome company is a collaborative entity formed between Guildhouse UK, Rosepride & Geraghty Taylor
Guildhouse UK

Guildhouse is a property development, investment and management organisation that is active across all major property sectors including commercial, industrial, retail, residential, student accommodation and healthcare. Taking a whole-life approach to project appraisal and analysis we promote sustainable long-term solutions.

Mark Waterstone

Mark is the Managing Director of Rosepride Properties Ltd. and has more than 30 years experience in residential development projects throughout South London. He has a detailed knowledge of this sector and has a proven track record of identifying development opportunities. Mark’s background in architecture combined with his vast experience in residential property has been invaluable to his involvement in many projects over the last few decades. He continues to be passionate about property development and intends to focus on the development of the Livinhome concept over the coming years.

Karl Taylor

GTH/architects are specialists in the design of innovative housing solutions. They place 'people' front and centre of all their thinking, it is their belief, that the built environment should be seen as the backdrop against which people’s lives are experienced… the happier and healthier these life experiences are, the more our communities will thrive and the more our built environments will be valued.

The Livinhome development in Woodview Mews, Croydon