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Livinhome A scalable solution


A scalable solution

LivinHome is scalable housing for off-site and traditional construction.
The Livinhome development in Goldswain End, Aylesbury
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Density & Urban Form

Livinhome offers low-rise, high density housing that maintains a good relationship with street. The design is transferable, scalable and is suitable for single houses through to urban blocks.

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Design Standards

Livinhome is suitable for public, private and Build to Rent Housing solutions. It meets London Plan, Lifetime Homes, Secured by Design, Building for Life design standards.

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A Backland Solution

Livinhome is the ideal typology for backland brownfield development and optimising site capacity.


Livinhome can be constructed from multiple modules – each comprised of a flexible accommodation chassis that can change from a house, to duplexes, to single apartments or even offices and shops.
Livinhome example configurations
3 x Apartment
Livinhome example configurations
1 x House
Livinhome example configurations
1 x Duplex
1 x Apartment
Livinhome example configurations
1 x Duplex
1 X Apartment
Livinhome example configurations
1 x Duplex
4 x Apartment

Manufacturing Livinhome

Livinhome is ‘systems agnostic’. This means that it can be constructed using all major modern methods of construction (MMC) platforms, such as, volumetric, light gauge steel, SIPS & CLT as well as traditional. It can provide for a net zero carbon housing solution.

Livinhome example configurations
The Livinhome development in Woodview Mews, Croydon

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